About The Bolt

The Rusty Bolt is a woman-owned and operated small batch clothing company that blends nostalgic aesthetics with sustainability and functionality.
Established in February 2018, The Rusty Bolt was born from a love of vintage fashion and an affinity for vintage textiles. These unique one-of-a-kind pieces are handcrafted in St Louis, MO by owner Olivia Jondle. 
Every material used in our studio is hand sourced in the rust belt of America. Our team values the sustainability and uniqueness of utilizing forgotten fabrics while celebrating the beauty, history, and craftsmanship of each piece. 
The creatives behind the Rusty Bolt value community and camaraderie; We are always seeking collaborations with other artists, photographers, models and creators!


Owner Olivia Jondle grew up in small town Iowa. Her childhood was spent helping her father, Rusty, restore classic cars. When Rusty was young he taught himself to build cars from the ground up and spent years honing his craft; never fearing failure and always finding a solution. 
Inspired by the innovation and determination of her father Olivia taught herself to sew and draft patterns. When faced with a roadblock she often asks herself “What Would Rusty Do?” 

There ain’t nothin wrong with being a lil Rusty!